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With less than ten seconds to convince potential customers to use your services, your website must be fast, professionally designed, user-friendly and tailored to your business.

Now more than ever, people are searching for businesses online. When a potential customer is searching for your services in your area, will they find your website? And if they do find you, what first impression will they get from visiting your website?

The look, functionality, and wording all play into how a visitor will perceive your website. And once you have their attention and they trust they’re on a reputable website matched for what they’re looking for, your website needs to guide them in a direction that ultimately leads them to your door. I create professional websites that tell your story and turn visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process that gets your website found on search engines like Google and Bing for specific keywords that match your business services or products.

For example, when someone in or around Marquette, Michigan searches for “auto body shop near me”, “auto body repair”, or “auto body repair in marquette mi” my client’s website, Superior Collision, shows up at the top of the search results.

Will your website show up at the top if a potential customer is searching for your services in your area?

The process of SEO is complex and always changing and evolving. I use a best-practices approach that I have used to rank many locally-based websites in various industries, and even keywords for national brands.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Google AdWords ® Pay-Per-Click Marketing promotes your business in Google search results through advertisements targeted to your local market, using keywords that align with the services you offer.

The goal is similar to that of SEO, get your business found when people are searching for your services in your market. While SEO takes time to achieve top rankings, with Google Adwords we can get those top sponsored results almost immediately.

How does Pay Per Click work?
Pay-Per-Click marketing is what the name implies – you only pay when someone clicks your advertisement and visits your website. I setup your Adwords account and create bidding strategies for the right keywords for your business. I monitor the results and optimize the ads over time to achieve the best results for the lowest cost per-click.

*Note- Google Adwords spend is billed directly to your credit card and is not included in the service fee.

Social Media

Social Media Management

Engage and build relationships with your potential and current customers.

Why Do You Need Social Media?
Your customers are using social media every day. 80% of consumers prefer to interact with a brand through Facebook. You need to connect and engage with customers where they already spend most of their online time.

Social Media boosts word-of-mouth marketing. It extends the reach of your online content, offers a valuable communication platform with your customers, nurtures loyalty and brand recognition, and drives sales.

By building an online reputation, you’re building trust and loyalty among potential customers within your market.  The proof is in the numbers: People are 51% more likely to buy from you after ‘liking’ your page on Facebook.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Are you looking for a creative way to attract new customers to your business? How about building more trust and converting more website visitors into customers? Tell your story with video!

90% of consumers say that seeing a video about a service is helpful in the decision process. Even more surprising, websites with professional videos generate 4-7 times more engagement from visitors.

I’ll produce a professional video for your business, upload to your YouTube channel, and post the video on your website and social media accounts.

I also offer YouTube Advertising where we promote your video to people within your target market while they’re on YouTube. With this marketing strategy, we can reach more people in your market for less than the cost of TV advertising.

Online Marketing Services

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